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Embracing Your Inner Salesperson

Using Your Natural Sales Skills to Win at Work and Life.

A 7-Week Online Course with Dr. Cindy McGovern, founder and CEO of Orange Leaf Consulting, the 'First Lady of Sales', and author of the #1 bestseller Every Job Is a Sales Job and Sell Yourself.

What You’ll Receive in the Course:

In this course, you’re going to learn more about yourself than you ever imagined, starting with the fact that you are a salesperson. Yep, we said it. You have the innate skills to make human connections, listen to what people want or need and deliver it in a way that only you can. All it takes is some planning, the right opportunities, building trust and most of all, asking! And we’ll hook you up with all the tools and info you need so that salesperson inside can make you look good on the outside. So, here’s what that outline of tools looks like: 

  • 7 training videos (one for each session) Watch them as many times as it takes. 
  • Practices & Reflection Questions for each course session. Do the work, and get out what you put in. 
  • Access to our custom-designed, private and interactive course website. Everything you need is just a click away.