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by tapping into your natural sales ability.

What We Offer


 The Art of Selling -

Level One

Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to sales, improve your results by following a consistent sales process and focusing on the right activities through creating a plan to generate qualified leads, shorten your sales cycle, increase your revenue, AND take control of your sales career. It all starts here. Join us for this unique opportunity.

Start growing your business today!


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Embracing Your 

Inner Salesperson

Selling. It’s what everyone does, all day, everyday. Even if your job title does not include the word “sales,” you sell.

Based on Dr. Cindy’s Wall Street Journal bestseller Every Job Is a Sales Job, this course will help you take the ‘ick’ out of sales and help you embrace your inner salesperson using a proven five-step sales formula to help you transform your career and your life.


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6 Secrets to Grow 

Your Title Business

Proven growth strategies to help you keep clients, get new ones and grow revenue, even in this changing market. 

Your workshop includes an on-demand video and three LIVE Group Q&A sessions. You don’t have to just sit by and watch the market fluctuate before your eyes.

Let's unlock your team's full potential. 


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Get Our Must-Read Books!

Award-winning Sell Yourself will help you to confidently advocate for your ideas, your company and yourself to help you reach your goals.

Every Job Is a Sales Job is a #1 Bestseller and game changer to help you get what you want. Learn to embrace your inner salesperson, identify untapped “selling” opportunities, build long-term relationships and reach new levels of personal and professional success.

These books will change the way you see your career, yourself, and the people you interact with every day.


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Why Orange Leaf Academy?


Success comes from having confidence in yourself, your process and your ability to build relationships. And now, we want to help you achieve that success with the Orange Leaf Academy. Our online platform features courses to help you invest in yourself, grow your business and get what you want and deserve at work and in life. It’s easier than you think once you learn how.  

We’re committed to you, simple as that. We help you develop your skills in a virtual setting so that you (or your entire team) can increase revenue, improve client relationships, and increase your effectiveness overall, maximizing your time and effort.

Not to mention, have more fun on the way to the top.

About Orange Leaf Consulting


Orange Leaf Consulting® is a true consulting company. We specialize in assessing your organization’s strengths and challenges in order to create a strong and focused action plan for improvement to maximize opportunities and success within your market. Then we help create a long-term plan and operational strategies designed to keep you growing, continuing to set and reach future goals.

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Dr. Cindy McGovern

A Note From Our Founder

My passion is building, training and coaching high-performance sales teams to outperform their own expectations. As your partner on this journey to succeed, I will help you identify what you really want, what needs to change to get it and exactly how to make that change happen so that success is the only option. It’s that simple.

Bring your A-game.

Every time!

Believe in yourself. Invest in yourself.
And take the very first step to learn how to sell yourself.
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