Using Your Natural Sales Skills to Win at Work and Life      


A 7-Week Online Course, and once a month live Q&A with Dr. Cindy McGovern, founder and CEO of Orange Leaf Consulting, the ‚ÄėFirst Lady of Sales,‚Äô and author of the #1 bestselling book¬†Every Job Is¬†a Sales Job¬†and award-winning Barnes & Noble bestseller¬†Sell Yourself.


Discover our simple Five-Step Selling Process for non-sales professionals to help you achieve your goals, increase your opportunities, and get more of what you want and deserve.

If you loved Every Job Is a Sales Job, you'll LOVE this course.


Plan exactly what it is you want and create a clear path for getting it.


Look for and train yourself to recognize opportunities to get you to your goals.


Listen to establish trust and communicate effectively with people who can help you.


Ask for what you want and move past the fear of rejection.


Follow up with gratitude (even if the answer is "no").

By the end of this course,  you'll have the confidence and tools to:

  • Really know what it is you want, how to ask for it, and what to do once you get it
  • Find the people and opportunities that can help you get what you want faster
  • Truly connect with people and build trust through active listening¬†
  • Learn how to ask for what you want without feeling "icky"
  • Continue to build your network¬†of supporters to help you¬†reach your goals

Learn to tap into your Inner Salesperson and go beyond fear, beyond imposter syndrome, beyond shyness, beyond others’ expectations of you, and be who and where you want to be.

We know it's in you. Now, let's find it.


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My Personal Journey & Invitation to You



I never wanted to be in sales. In fact, I went into sales kicking and screaming. I thought sales was pushy and manipulative. But, it turns out that I AM a salesperson, I just didn’t know it.

And you are a salesperson too.

For me, it all started when I was working as a management consultant and my boss threw me into a sales role (kicking and screaming). I honestly thought I was going to get fired because I did not want to sell, I did not think I could sell. But when I got into the role, I realized that my job wasn’t to pitch or push people—it was to help them. The job was to understand what people wanted and needed and to see if I had a solution for them. I like helping people and now I want to help you.

My goal in starting Orange Leaf Academy was to help both professional salespeople and people who don't see themselves as salespeople learn how to use the skills of sales pros to help them get what they want at work and in life.

I believe that sales is not a business skill, it is a life skill...and this is the class that you missed in high school.

What You'll Learn In This Course

It’s More than a Course, It’s a Community! 

You’re not alone!
By enrolling in Embracing Your Inner Salesperson, you will become part of a global team
alongside like-minded professionals looking to grow and reach their goals.
You’ll be able to meet new people and share challenges and new ideas to add to your soon-to-be growing arsenal of sales tools.


Get ready to build your network, starting right here, right now.


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