Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to sales, improve your results by following a consistent sales process and focusing on the right activities through creating a plan to generate qualified leads, shorten your sales cycle, increase your revenue, AND take control of your sales career. It all starts here. Join us for this unique opportunity.

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It's Not Rocket Science - It's Rocket Sales! 

Get ahead of the sales game with an 8-week, self-paced online course led by Dr. Cindy
McGovern, the First Lady of Sales®, founder of Orange Leaf Consulting®, and author of the #1 bestseller Every Job Is A Sales Job and award-winning Sell Yourself!

Learn how to develop a consistent sales process to boost your confidence and reach
your professional goals. Start the course at any point and work at your own pace with the
goal of learning our 5-Step formula for selling in just 8 weeks.

In addition, you can bring your questions to Dr. Cindy in her 'Ask Dr. Cindy Anything' hour which is held once a month.

Before you can sell a product or service, you have to be able to sell yourself—to walk into a room and get people to not just hear you, but to listen to you. To trust you. Believe in you. See you as a person, not a salesperson. That’s where we come in. 

Whether you’ve been selling for decades, just starting out, or feeling stuck somewhere in between, we can help. We’ll set aside those old methods that aren’t getting you the results you want, (maybe even toss them out for good) and replace them with our proven process that just. plain. works. 

Still making surprise in-person visits, or relying on your clients’ needs to never change? While status quo and “the way I’ve always done it” can be a really comfortable place, it isn’t going to help you grow your businessBelieve it or not, there IS a right and wrong way to do it. The right way gets you explosive growth. The wrong way leaves sales stalled in neutral, or worse, steadily declining. 



A little nervous? Afraid of change? Hey, who isn’t? But if you want to grow your business, it’s time to break out of your sales routine. Let’s get a little uncomfortable so that we can learn and grow now. Then when the time comes to put our skills to the test, we’ve been there, done that so we can make the sale like it’s our J-O-B. Why? Because, well, it is. 

Great news: We make it easy. Fun, even. We break down sales into five simple steps so you know exactly what you need to do and how to execute a sure-fire plan. We take the guessing out and put the guarantees in.

Times have changed, and like so many of us, you’re probably pulled in all kinds of different directions each day that when it comes to your business, you’re reactive instead of proactive. Always playing catch up. Never quite caught up. Again, that’s where we come in. 

We’ll show you how to prioritize working ON your business to drive long-term success instead of working IN your business and getting bogged down by the small stuff. 

Sounds daunting, right? Hardly. We do it every single day for sales professionals and businesses just like yours. And you’ve already done the hardest part of all: starting. 

You can get better at selling. You can increase your income. You will make a greater impact with clients and customers and you will identify more long-term professional opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new-comer to the sales scene, it’s never too late to learn and grow.
How? We’re glad you asked.
We’ll teach you a new way to approach sales that shifts everything you knew…or thought you knew.

In this eight-module course, you’ll discover:

  • The Orange Leaf Five-Step Formula to achieve sales success
  • How to calculate exactly how many sales you need each month
  • Strategies for preparation and research to identify and approach your top prospects
  • Communication methods that enable effective networking
  • How and when to ask for business
  • How to get referrals – even if they didn’t buy anything from you
  • The keys to assembling all of these components into a workable and realistic work plan

So, step outside of that comfort zone and join us. It’s grow time!

My Personal Journey & Invitation to You

Sales is something anyone can learn, but it takes an inner drive to want to discover and practice top-selling techniques. For me, it’s as easy as ABC: Always Be Curious. 

I began my career as a college professor in Communication, teaching the very skills I used as I transitioned into consulting full time. After mentoring salespeople and sales managers, helping them successfully grow their businesses, I decided to open my own company, Orange Leaf Consulting, where I put my own skills and experience to the ultimate test. 

My goal in starting Orange Leaf Consulting was to help both professional salespeople and people who don't see themselves as salespeople learn how to sell in a consultative, approachable, fair and authentic way. I saw the importance of sales as a concept, no matter the career, which led me to write my first book: Every Job Is a Sales Job. 

But here’s the #1 thing I learned: Nobody likes to be sold, yet everyone likes to buy. It feels good to acquire something new or own something tangible. So, I work to figure out what, exactly, the person would like very much to buy. And that’s what I sell. But if I don’t have a solution for them, then I don’t sell anything. I’d rather not make the sale than sell someone something that she doesn’t need, want, or can’t afford. But everyone has room for a relationship. So that is what I sell every time.

I consider every personal interaction an opportunity for a transaction. I’m always prepared for a sale to happen in the moment. That sale could be a product or service. But it could be something bigger. The sale could be a long-term relationship, future contacts and most of all, trust. 

Simply put: I develop a “relationship” not a “transactionship.”.

So don’t put your personal growth and your sales growth off any longer. In this course, The Art of Selling, Level 1, you will join hundreds of other sales professionals who are learning to get better at selling, increase their income, make a greater impact on their clients and customers, and identify more long-term opportunities for success. 

If curiosity lives inside you, I invite you to join us right here and together, we’ll take your business to the next level. It’s as easy as ABC.

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What People Are Saying About the Orange Leaf Approach…

“Three weeks into The Art of Selling can already feel my sales spirit being reenergized! The Orange Leaf Academy has done a great job taking time to address the specific questions and trends of my industry. The material is thorough, fun, and my classmates prompt me to think in new and creative ways! I cannot wait to see all of us accomplish our goals and develop new sales strategies!”
 -Tierney Bates,                                      Business Development

“The Orange Leaf Academy has completely changed the way that I conduct my sales appointments. After four weeks in the class, I booked nine client appointments within a week and a half. This amount of appointments would have taken me weeks to secure before this course. The Academy fosters teamwork and listening to my fellow students has given me ideas to implement in my own business. I am forever grateful for the amazing playbook, coaching and confidence I have received with Orange Leaf Academy.”
-Meghan Miller Koch,                       Business Development

“I’m grateful for the Orange Leaf program.  Each week brought a new lesson and challenge.  My goal with Orange Leaf was to shorten the sales process and it delivered! 

I highly recommend it!” 
-Justin Hibbard                                         Business Development

“This course is teaching me so much and a great course for someone new to sales. This program provides solid steps to a great client rapport, relationship, and close of business. I have taken so many notes and am using the steps with my prospects. Before, I would go straight in for the close of business and now I see why that wasn’t working. Thanks!”
 -Kerri O’Neill,
                                                    Sales Rep

What You'll Learn In This Course

It’s More than a Course, It’s a Community! 

Sales is a team sport, and you’re never alone! With The Art of Selling, you are part of a global team alongside like-minded sales professionals. Beyond what you will learn in the course, you will also learn from others across the globe in our course community.
You’ll be able to meet new people and share challenges and new ideas to add to your soon-to-be growing arsenal of sales tools.

Get ready to build your network, starting right here, right now.

What You'll Receive in the Course


In this 8-module course, you’ll work at your own comfortable pace, learning the signature Orange Leaf Five-Step Formula for achieving sales success. We start by building your foundation, learning proper preparation and research techniques to identify and approach your prospective clients. You’ll discover specific communication methods to improve your networking, increase referrals, generate sales leads, and enhance your personal branding. And you’ll learn the process for assembling all these components into a manageable and effective Sales Plan. 

What’s Included in this Course:

  • 8 Training Videos with Dr. Cindy McGovern. Dr. Cindy will guide you through each
    course, teaching proven techniques and skills you can implement immediately.
    Throughout each session, you will gain new insights, build confidence and be able to
    prioritize your time and effort to maximize your results and bottom line.
  • 8 Sales Practices to Improve Selling Effectiveness. Each of the eight modules has
    specific practices that you can apply to your daily workflow and selling approach, daily
    you can be more effective, more efficient, and ultimately more successful.
  • Training Guides and Documents for Each Module. Each module includes detailed
    downloadable and printable content to supplement the lessons. These guides help you
    stay focused and organized as you record your own notes, observations, and strategies.
  • The Orange Leaf Roadmap Sales Plan. As you progress through the modules, your
    sales plan will begin to take shape, becoming your playbook for your future. This plan
    will help you become proactive vs. reactive so you can work ON your business vs. IN it.
  • Sales Funnel & Revenue Funnel Planning Sheets. Welcome to the money module
    where we show you how to use your data and strategies to focus on the right activities,
    shorten your sales cycle and increase your return on time.
  • Self-Guided Sales Activities. Your learning and growing process can continue to
    evolve after the course is complete. Well arm you with takeaways, insights, practices
    and activities tailored to you and your personality so you’re constantly improving as you
  • Sales Tips Sheets. We’ll put our top tips into easy “cheat sheets” for you to reference as
    needed until it becomes second nature.
  • Private, Custom Course Site with All the Course Materials. Since the material is
    tailored specifically to you and your company, you will have your own private login
    credentials for added security and privacy.
  • Community Discussion Forum. Building your network starts right here as you
    connect with like-minded, goal-oriented students looking for the same guidance and

Your Teacher and Facilitator: Dr. Cindy McGovern

The first step in sales is the ability to sell yourself, and no one knows that better than Dr. Cindy McGovern. She has earned her reputation as the First Lady of Sales® by helping hundreds of companies and individuals discover their purpose to grow their businesses and dominate their industries. Dr. Cindy, as her clients call her, is an expert in the areas of sales, leadership, and management, and shares her wisdom, strategies, and techniques to transform professional careers and personal lives.  

Dr. Cindy is the author of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller Every Job Is a Sales Job: How to Use the Art of Selling to Win at Work and award-winning Barnes & Noble Bestseller Sell Yourself: How to Create, Live, and Sell a Powerful Personal Brand. Cindy has been a keynote presenter at conferences across the globe on a wide variety of sales, leadership, and motivational topics, bringing passion, inspiration and insights to each and every podium. As the CEO of Orange Leaf Consulting, she has coached and guided companies and individuals to achieve both professional success and significant and sustainable revenue growth.

Holding a Doctorate in Organizational Communication, Dr. Cindy uses a pragmatic approach to identify her client’s needs, determine strategies for success and work with them to remove obstacles (both real and imagined) to achieve their goals across any discipline or industry. 

Dr. Cindy believes that the key to real and lasting change is changing behavior to create great habits. It starts with a commitment to learn and implement sustainable sales activities. Simple as that. For those who are ready to do the work, she is ready to create the path. As she lovingly yet unapologetically puts it: “Grow Big or Go Home!”

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